About The Author

In his never ending quest for the perfect pint and being a beer snob for most of his adult life, it can be said that Charles Wolschon has a passion for pubs, ales, and the fine breweries that hand-craft their extraordinary beverages.

While living on and off between Los Angeles and England for the past few years, and touring England (more on that in a bit) early on in his professional career, Charles developed a keen interest and passion for England, British history, and the world of pubs and English style ale. This passion developed so much that he even became a craft beer brewer himself!

Being a musician all of his life, Charles’ professional career in Los Angeles and England has been divided between three major categories: composing music for film and television, classical composition, and conducting. As a guest conductor and composer, Charles has done two tours of England, a tour of Taiwan, and most recently, a tour of the Hawaiian Islands. He has written classical music for many different mediums including orchestra, wind ensemble, electronic, and many different chamber ensembles. His film credits include Black Red Yellow (which he was nominated for best film score at the Action on Film International Film Festival), Con Artists, Hellraiser: Deader, and ESPN Sports Century among many others.

Having had the privilege of living in two different countries and touring others as well, these experiences have allowed him to learn about, study, and live among different customs and traditions throughout the world.